About Balarishi

Balarishi Sri Vishvashirasini

Balarishi Sri Vishvashirasini is a young guru of new age, who responded to the inner call of the divine reciting sacred nada mantras within her at tender age of 10. Though she grew as a playful child, she was able to hear an inner voice which she started to write down, Mantras. Later on the flow of  become so fluent and powerful and she had glimpses of  her past life and the lineage of her Gurus.
Even before crossing the age of 10, she insisted on being taken to Suruli hills, which is believed to be residing place of Sidhas, in etheric form.


She is being guided through subtle communications by Siddhas and the main guiding spiritual force behind her Saadhana is Mahashri Bahuladevi samedha Kakabhujanda and Lord Kasi Viswanadha.


With a keen understanding of innovation in the new generation, Balarishi updates herself with the current problems of humanity and sees spirituality as its solution. She has a great sense of compassion to those suffering modern age problems such as stress, distress and miseries. She has cured many people with physical and specific mental ailments through her mantras.
Sri Balarishi, also delivers meditation classes to the spiritual seekers, known as Nadha kriya Meditation class, which is a sound based meditation technique.


The mantras are in amazing rhythm and the very utterance takes people to deep meditative states. They are so powerful that sensitive people are able to feel the subtle presence of the deity on whom the mantra is uttered.
Balarishi initiates her disciples with powerful mantras, which is known as Mantra Deeksha. The mantras are meditative in nature and empower the person with inner peace and ability to attain materialistic and spiritual goals.

Balarishi performing a HOMA


In ancient vedic age,  women in spiritual path are said to have done Homas and yagnas, though there are no much traces of such happenings in successive periods. Balarishi does homas with her own Mantras which runs to hours at one stretch and the vibrations of her Nada mantras take the seekers and devotees to indescribable spiritual ecstasy.
The homas are done for the enhancement of both worldly and spiritual growth of devotees.


Right from the day when the divine experience dawned , Balarishi has developed motherly attitude towards the world and many many seekers have become her devotees. Her Ashram, aptly known as Balarishi Kudil - situated in small hamlet called Masthikavundanpathi in suburbs of Coimbatore - a city in Tamilnadu at Southern India is now the abode of divine vibrations where Balarishi blesses thousands of devotees who throng the kudil for Darshan.
The Shiva Parayana and Nama Sankeerthana, performed by Balarishi and by other trained devotees is yet another wonderful experience which awaits a visitor in the ashram.


Balarishi's satsangs are organised by her devotees in various towns and cities. Thousands of spiritual seekers and public throng the satsangs. Apart from the Nada Kriya Meditation classes are handled by Balarishi in various towns, where a unique method of Upasana and Mantra Deeksha are provided by her holiness. Anyone with an interest and spiritual quest can take part   in these classes.

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